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Fight for life worth living by SirJumala Fight for life worth living by SirJumala
I've realized that sometimes I do settle for less than I should. Maybe I am humble, I think that I this is okay life, many people have it worse.
I am not one for glory.
But then I think should I strive for something better? To work hard and succeed. Or fail, and learn from the experience. And then try again.
Have I tried and failed so many times that I don't have it in me to strive still? Scary thought.
Last two years have been quite an ordeal and it has taken me quite awhile to process it all. Finally at the beginning of Anno Domini 2014 I have embraced the idea that I have to do more with my life. It is an ok life, but I don't want to settle for mere ok. I want it to be the best damn life.. mainly because it is the only one that I have. Oh, I'm most certain that I will have many regrets upon me at my deathbed. But to know that I've tried and done my best will quench my worries.
My ramblings just took away the last excuse for me to continue being lazy..

Perhaps the core of this all is to encourage (myself) to live life worth living. There being no respawn or second chances, I'd hate to think on my death bed "Shiiit.. I could've done it so much better if I'd really tried."

Mokoma - Uskalla Elää
(Finnish band, finnish lyrics, but song title is "Don't be afraid to live")
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